(Top to bottom) Grindylow, The Weaver, & Lust by Nicholas Kole.

I decided to include three pictures for this artist to show range outside of only black and white sketches, but I love both of the black and white sketches for different reasons.  The top one, Grindylow, I love because it is an original illustration of creature in the novel, Perdido Street Station.  While it does hold true to the description in the book, he does flesh out the creature a bit more.  The middle one, the “Weaver” is one of my favorite characters in the book and he renders him perfectly in my opinion.  Lastly, I included “Lust” because of his great coloration as well as it being an awesome creature and great “personified” version of lust.  This is the kind of artist that I aspire to be, both being able to accurately illustrate a character described as well as coming up with something out of my head.

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